LibreOffice Impress Templates

New and free impress templates for, StarOffice or NeoOffice/J are now available. Enjoy! kdeOpenOffice 2.0OpenOffice 2.0 Spot

Content of templates

  1. Title page (title and subtile)
  2. General page (title and lists)
  3. Diagram page (adapted* to the general design!)

*Would be cool, if could this generaly!!!

Themplates with Mac Fonts

Mac OS 10.3keynotecarton

The templates "macos103", "keynote" and "carton" use Mac OS fonts and they are not only for macuser! For a easy way (with fonts), use: NeoOffice/J (Mac).


  • 1.0 - 26.02.2005 (Format .sti for 1.x)
  • 1.1 - 05.12.2005 (Format .otp for 2.x)